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Your Pole Family Awaits

Empower Studio Memberships

Whether you are an experienced poler or looking to try pole fitness for the first time, we have a membership option for you! Any of these passes are able to be used for any of our standard in-studio classes.

First Time? Sign up for our 4-week introductory course and we'll introduce you to the wonderful world of pole!

Have pole experience, but not with us? Contact us prior to registering and we'll make sure to find the right fit for you!

We are proud to be a part of the Lethbridge "Recreation and Culture Fee Assistance Program" If you'd love to join us but the cost of classes is daunting, click here to see if you qualify! We are committed to making the world of pole dance accessible to everyone!

8 Punch Pass

Welcome Sale!


Regular $170

For the Once-a-Week Kinda Commitment

Valid for 2 months

Join us for 8 in-person standard classes of your choice

**Best option for if you plan on 4 classes/month**

15 Punch Pass

Welcome Sale!


Regular $285

For When You Need a Bit More Time

Valid for 3 months

Join us for 15 in-person standard classes of your choice

**Best option for if you plan on 5 classes/month**

Monthly Unlimited

Welcome Sale!


Regular $180

It's Not a Hobby, It's a Lifestyle

Valid for 1 month

Unlimited access to any standard classes of your choice

**Best option if you plan on 2+ classes/week**

Intro to Pole

Welcome Sale!


Regular $80

Your Pole Journey Starts Here!

This 4-week course is mandatory for those without prior pole experience

Single Use Drop-In

Come Say Hi!


Regular $25(Ya, I know, right?)

Not Ready to Commit (Yet)?

Valid for one in-studio class of your choice

**If used for an on-the-pole class, student must contact studio prior to registering to ensure class is of suitable difficulty level**

Drop In Practice

Work on Your Own


Flat Rate

Practice Makes Progress!

Valid for one hour of open practice during specified hours

**An instructor will be on-site at all times but will not be providing active instruction**

Online "Poledemic" Passes

When the first provincial COVID-19 lockdown occurred in spring 2020, we took it upon ourselves to motivate and encourage our students through an online community of pole, floor, and stretch classes. "Poledemic" was born as a tongue-in-cheek initiative with the intent of keeping our bodies and spirits healthy through the social and physical isolation of lockdown. "Poledemic" has been resurrected with each subsequent shutdown and while never intended to become a long-term initiative following the physical opening of Empower, the success of online classes with out-of-town students and those stuck at home has prompted us to keep livestreamed and recorded classes running.


The online Poledemic pass can be used for any online-available classes and can be purchased in conjunction with standard Empower passes. These online options are great for when the class fills up before you can register (bummer), for when you are travelling or unable to make it to in-person classes (hey, sometimes leaving the house is just Too Much, we get it), or if you are under the weather and staying close to home (thanks for keeping us safe!). 

Poledemic 5-Punch


Gotta Try 'Em All

Valid for 3 months

Access to 5 online classes of your choice

Poledemic 10-Punch


You Know You're Hooked

Valid for 6 months

Access to 10 online classes of your choice

Poledemic Single


Not Ready To Commit?

Valid for 1 month

Access to one online class of your choice

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