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Frequently Asked Questions
(You Aren't The First and You Won't Be the Last)

Is Pole Dance For Me?

Is Pole Dance For Me?

I've Never Done Something Like This Before...


Most people haven't! That's the thing about starting a new past-time in a group environment - you'll be with a bunch of newbies like yourself. You'll learn and grow and laugh at your mistakes together; it's supposed to be fun! Everybody has to start somewhere, and everyone was a beginner at some point. Nobody expects you to be a prodigy overnight (except maybe yourself, if you are anything like us... but we digress). Guiding new students through the ins and outs of the world of pole is why your instructors are there, and watching our students grow in skill and confidence is why we LOVE what we do.

Okay, But What if I Have No Dance/Acro/Fitness Background?

You don't need to! We have a wide range of backgrounds come through our doors. Heck, two of our instructors didn't have any dance or gymnastic experience when they started. That's the thing about being a beginner - you are BEGINNING. We build our class structure so that it can be accessible to people of all fitness and dance backgrounds. Yes we get some dancers/gymnasts/cirque performers through our doors (which is super cool!) but the vast majority of our students are just people looking to try something new and push out of their comfort zone a little.

I Don't Think I'm Strong/Flexible/Fit Enough...

We get this one a LOT, and our answer is always the same: "THAT'S WHY YOU POLE." The only way to get stronger, fitter, or more flexible is to actually DO THE THING. We don't expect you to have ripped shoulders, a six-pack, or contortionist abilities (most people don't!). We firmly believe that pole is for everyBODY, and we'll meet you wherever you are at. We all have to start somewhere; the important part is just to start.

We do, of course, expect students to practice safely and within their own individual body's abilities. Every student fills out a PAR-Q before the first session and we'll (confidentially) discuss any health problems or injuries we may need to work around. If you have preexisting health conditions or injuries that make you apprehensive about starting a new activity PLEASE consult with your doctor and get the green light to go ahead. We want to do everything we can to keep you safe!

I'm Shy; I Don't Want To Strip Down In Front Of Strangers...


That's totally fine! We know not everyone is going to be comfortable stripping down for class, and that's okay. One of the main reasons intermediate/advanced polers regularly show a lot of skin is actually for safety - many aerial moves use skin contact to grip the pole rather than the hands. Ya, you read that right - their skin is holding their body weight (before you ask, yes it hurts. You kind of just learn to deal with it :shrug:). You won't be there for a while, though. Wearing sweats, leggings, and tank tops is absolutely fine for Pole 101. The further you advance, the less clothing you'll likely be wearing. That said, there are also grippy bodysuit options for polers that are not comfortable baring any skin whatsoever. You will NEVER (and we cannot stress this enough) be forced to reveal any more of yourself than you want to. Period.

The only non-negotiable apparel rule we have is regarding jewelry: absolutely NO rings, bracelets, dangling earrings, loose necklaces, etc are permitted when poling. It's a major safety risk for you and equipment risk for us. Chrome and metal don't get along. Just take it off.

I Don't Know If I'll Be Welcome...

We are a safe and inclusive space! We welcome students of ALL genders, orientations, backgrounds, ages, sizes, and abilities. Our instructors and their partners are active in the local LGBTQA+ and harm reduction communities and we are sex-worker positive (without our predecessors in the sex-work industry, we wouldn't even HAVE pole dance. We owe them a great debt). All we expect from our students is that you show equal respect to your instructors and fellow students. It's a low bar. Please don't disappoint us.


We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to interactions within our space - we can (and will) protect the safety and wellbeing of our students by removing those who fail to adhere to our Code of Conduct. You can read our full Code of Conduct here.

Do I Need To Be Vaccinated?

Following the conclusion of the Restrictions Exemption Program on February 9, businesses no long check for proof of vaccination or negative results. With that in mind, all of our instructors are fully vaccinated, as are most of our students. We take your safety extremely seriously. While we no longer require masks when traveling through the studio, students are welcome to mask up if they desire and can request that their instructor masks up during hands-on spotting. You can read our full Covid-19 policy here.

I've Actually Done Pole Before; Do I Still Need Pole 101?

Nope! If you have prior pole dance experience we don't expect you to go through Pole 101 with us. Contact us to set up a short meeting so we can find out where you are at and what level would suit your skill level the best. We want to meet you wherever you are in your pole journey so you can practice safely while still being engaged and challenged. We can't wait to adopt you!

How Do I Book?

You've Convinced Me!
How Do I Book?

Step 1: Make An Account on WellnessLiving

We do all our scheduling through a third-party website called Wellness Living. You can make an account here. Once you've made an account with us you will be prompted to read and sign our online waiver (don't worry, we aren't taking a kidney - we just want to make sure you understand our studio policies and Code of Conduct before you proceed!) You can also do this through the Achieve app on your device.

Step 2: Register for Pole 101

Alright, here's the only tricky part. Pole 101 must be registered for online through the browser - it cannot be done through the Achieve app. This is because Pole 101 operates as a 4-week event rather than a one-shot class. Yes, it's kind of annoying. No, we can't fix it right now. Hopefully someday Wellness Living will fix this particular quirk in the software, but in the meantime... Well. You just gotta do it through the browser. Sorry.

Step 3: Purchase a Pole 101 Pass

Go to "Book Now" at the top bar of your screen and find "Pole 101 Intro Class". If it has openings, you can go ahead and click the orange button to be sent to the store to purchase your pass. Payment can be made through the virtual terminal on WellnessLiving, or by contacting us to arrange an etransfer.

Want to get a Pole 101 pass but not ready to register in a session just yet? No problem! Instead of the "Book Now" tab, hop on over to "Store" instead. Select "All Passes and Memberships" and scroll on down until you find "Pole 101 - 4 Week Pass". Pop that baby in your cart and proceed to checkout - it'll be added to your account for you to apply to a session when you are ready to take the plunge!

If you see a session you want to get in on but the class is waitlisted, do not despair! Just email us at to get put on our advance notice list (we'll send you out an email with the inside scoop on when the next set of sessions will be open for registration. It'll let you skip the Pole 101 registration Hunger Games and get in before the bloodbath.

Step 4: Welcome to the Fam!

Welcome to Empower! We can't wait to meet you in person and introduce you to the wide world of pole dance!

Still Struggling? Just give us a shout and we'll get you sorted!

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