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General Policies

General Studio Policies



This is supposed to be fun! Please show up in our space ready to learn and grow. We know sometimes life can be stressful and not all days are going to be Good Days. We’ll try to help make those days a little better for you, we promise.


With that said, disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated (regardless of if it is directed towards your instructor or your peers). Empower is a safe space; please be respectful. 


We recognize that teasing and joking is a normal part of interpersonal relations and we want you to have a good time with your classmates!  However, a joke is only funny if it is enjoyed by everyone - if the target has not consented to the teasing, it will be treated as bullying. Likewise, we are at a pole dance studio - the inherent sexuality expressed in classical pole is both accepted and encouraged. However, If this sexual expression becomes overly aggressive or vulgar, to the detriment of other students and staff, it will be regarded as harassment and dealt with as such.



At Empower, we are dedicated to maintaining a positive culture of safety and inclusion for all of our staff and students. We expect all our participants to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes this culture.

Anyone who engages in discriminatory or harassing behaviour at any time towards instructors, staff, students, or community members, will be removed from the activity with no refund, and may also lose future training privileges. This includes–but is not limited to–discrimination based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background, political beliefs, physical ability; as well as verbal, physical, and sexual harassment.

While generalized consent to spotting and adjustment is included in our waiver, your instructors will make their best effort to secure your specific consent prior to making any hands-on adjustment or spotting. Your comfort and safety is of utmost importance to us. Please be aware that refusing to grant this consent may mean that your instructor may choose to remove certain tricks from your program if they feel you will be unable to execute them without assistance. Please also be aware that, in some circumstances, there will not be time for an instructor to request specific consent prior to making physical contact - for example, if you are at imminent risk of a fall or other injury.


All participants are expected to conduct themselves with the safety of themselves, their instructors, and their classmates in mind. We expect students to stick to the lesson being taught and to refrain from attempting tricks and techniques outside the current curriculum. Doing so - regardless of ability - distracts the instructor and the other students and may result in injury to yourself and others; you may be asked to leave class as a result.


All students deserve to practice in a safe environment. This includes safety from communicable diseases. If you are feeling sick, stay home. We have a generous cancellation policy in place to allow you ample time to make this decision without losing a punch. We also offer many of our classes via online streaming so you can still attend virtually without sharing your cold.


Booking Policy


We use the Wellness Living application (Achieve Wellness on your device) for all of our online booking. This is a free app which you can find in the app store.


We require that students book at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class, regardless of whether it is in-person or online. This is to allow you adequate time to arrive at the studio (if in person) or for the email link to arrive in your inbox (if online). You may book a maximum of 1 month in advance.


Wait List


Class fill up faster than you were expecting? You can also sign up to be on a wait list, in case somebody cancels their registration. You will be notified and will have 12 hours to confirm your attendance before the opportunity passes to the next in line.




Life happens - we get it! That’s why we allow penalty-free cancellation up to 4 hours prior to the start of your class. After this window, your punch pass will still be deducted. We don’t want to punish you for cancelling on us, but because we have a wait-list policy we also want to ensure that other students have the opportunity to snag a pole if it frees up.


In the event of extenuating circumstances, we may make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis. All such discussions must be conducted via email.




Punctuality is a virtue!  Whether online or in person, it is important that our classes start on time. Lateness not only interrupts the rest of the class (and throws off your instructor’s groove), it also means that you are missing out on the warm-up and explanation of the day’s program. Both of these are important for safe practice. We will allow late entry up to 15 minutes into the class (though you will be required to warm up independently). After that time you will be refused entry and your punchpass will be charged. Please don’t be late!




We do not give refunds for class passes or registrations after purchase. Class credits may be offered under extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis at our discretion; all such conversations must be conducted via email.




We know that it is exciting to learn and improve, and we encourage students to document their journey through photo and video media. However, students are expected to respect the privacy of their peers who may not be comfortable appearing in photos and videos. As such, students are expected to consult their classmates prior to taking any visual media and to give them time to remove themselves from the frame. Likewise, if you are uncomfortable appearing in the visual media of my peers, it is your responsibility to inform your classmates of your wishes and remove yourself from the frame. While we know that sometimes accidental photo exposures may happen, deliberate non-consensual photography of other students will be regarded as harassment and dealt with strictly. Pole Fitness still faces stigma in some professional environments and THERE CAN BE VERY REAL CONSEQUENCES FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE ‘OUTED’. Respect your classmates’ privacy. Full stop.




For privacy reasons, we do not allow observation of our classes. We have a comfortable waiting area on the entrance side of our privacy wall if you have somebody waiting for you, or we are more than happy to recommend a number of nearby locally-owned businesses for your friends to poke around in while they wait.


If you want to share your pole journey with your friends and family in person rather than by media, we offer semi-private lessons and party booking options.


Age Restrictions


Our classes are restricted to consenting adults at this time.


Health Restrictions


All physical activities come with some inherent risk - pole dance is no different. By attending classes with us, you are consenting to this risk. While instructors will do everything within their power to mitigate these risks as much as possible, your participation may nonetheless aggravate pre-existing conditions. It is your responsibility to consult with a physician prior to attending any classes with us. It is also your responsibility to inform your instructor of any limitations you may have prior to participating. We will do what we can to provide variations based on your individual needs.


It is expected that you will listen to your body and modify your participation accordingly. The only person who can truly know your limits is you.




We have a zero-tolerance policy on substance use. Please do not show up under the influence of anything that may impede your coordination or judgement - in some situations, this may include prescription medication. If you arrive under the influence, you will be asked to leave. Your pass will still be charged.

Booking Policy
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