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Let's Switch It Up A Little

Everyone knows that "variety is the spice of life," so we thought we would give you guys a little bit o' seasoning every here and there. While we hope you love our regular selection of classes as much as we love to teach them, sometimes it's nice to switch it up a little and do something totally different. That's where workshops come in! None of us (instructors included!) are ever done learning and growing and it's important to branch out and learn from many different disciplines and teaching styles. To that end, we like to periodically bring in guest instructors to share their experience and knowledge with our little pole family! While current events have previously made it hard to do this (thanks, COVID...) we are dedicated to offering specialty workshops two to three times a year so that we can all continue to learn and grow. 


Stay tuned for news about what we have in the WORKS (get it? Cuz they are WORKshops? HA!)

... my genius is lost on you.

Up'n'Coming Events


Handstands - with Jenna Low
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Let's say some cute fucking buzzwords here about handstands and how important they are, and then introduce Jenna! We'll talk a little bit about her history and who she is as a rad sorta human and then we'll start talking about what to expect from the workshop. Don't forget to mention that she also owns Steel & Vines and to plug their partnership with the parties! Maybe slide in there that people should swing over to the restaurant for a celebratory glass of wine and creme brulee after the event.

Get a cute photo of Jenna doing a handstand! I'm sure she has lots.





90 Minutes




Previous Guests

Onyx - December 4-5, 2021

Onyx Promo 4.jpg
Promo 2.jpg

It was our absolute pleasure to host the incomparable Onyx in December 2021. Onyx has more than FIFTEEN YEARS (dang!) as an exotic dancer and has won multiple titles and awards in numerous aspects of the pole industry. She's headlined at the Taboo "Naughty but Nice" show, is a permanent Thursday night performer at the Spotlight Cabaret in Edmonton, and even had the honour of coordinating and performing with SNOOP DOGG on his Canadian tour (yes, we're dead serious).

When she isn't out kickin' butt and taking names on the performance circuit, Onyx teaches and trains full-time at the Aradia Fitness studio in Edmonton.

Over the course of her weekend at Empower in December, Onyx blew us away with a series of workshops in Sensual Flow, Stripper Intensive Flow, Floor Flow, Aerial Tricks and Combos, and even a TWERKshop! We can't stress enough how much fun we had, how much we learned, and how absolutely broken our poor bodies were after two full days of pole fun.

Want to watch Onyx in action? Check her out here:

Instagram: @OnyxSachi

Youtube: Sachi Onyx Keller

Website: icOnyxEliteEntertainment.Com

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